Sunday, May 28, 2006

TMA 05 Returned!

I got my TMA results back today - 67%! I am sooooo pleased, 'cos I thought I'd done really bad on this one.
I've been feeling pretty ill recently, and I couldn't concentrate very well while I was doing this, so to get this result (which is more than my first TMA), was really encouraging!
My tutor sent me a lovely email, as I had started to worry that everyone else was more sophisticated in their style of answering the questions than good-old plain me - but she reassured me that my marks are above the average, and that my answers are fine - I really must get over trying to compare my work with others in that way - we all have out own individual abilities!
I've just been through the painful process of having Cortozone injections in both wrists, as I've got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in them (along with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia) and, although it was agony at first, there has definately been an improvement - my hands have hardly gone numb since.
My Doc's arranged for me to see a Neurologist (a wait of 26 months, I've just been informed), then after that it'll be decided on whether to operate on my wrists - I just pray there isn't a need, as I've had more ops in my life than I care to think of!
I'm waiting at the moment for a lot of equipment that i've been fortunate to be awarded - it will help me with my studying, as i'm finding it very hard to cope. I'm getting a speech programme called Dragon that will mean that i'm not typing so much - which will rest my poor, abused hands and wrists (I hope).
I've missed a couple of my meetings at the Kingdom Hall these last couple of weeks - my health has been up and down - and I have really missed the love and fellowship I find there, although my sisters have phoned, and offered their help and love, so it hasn't been as bad as it could have been!
On a lighter note, bob's Ferrets have been driving him potty! The Jills were mated with a vasectomised Hob, and one of them is going through a phantom pregnancy - she spends her whole time dragging the other Jill into the bedding area of their hutch, and trying to treat her like a newborn. It's so funny to see, althoughI think Bramble has had enough of it now, and has started objecting quite forcefully!
Bob keeps them separate as much as possible now, and will do until Holly realises she's not pregnant! lol

Friday, May 19, 2006

Half-way there, and getting into the swing!

Well, I've just completed TMA 05, and sent it off to be marked!
I am so glad to get that out of the way, as we were dealing with Rousseau once again - I have the feeling I'm gonna be haunted by that man! lol
On a brighter note, I've just started reading for my next TMA, with the subjects being Religion and History of Science - much more down my street!
I've been learning a little about various faiths, and it's amazed me just how similar in some respects that we all are in our beliefs - there are some very wide differences as well but, at the heart of it all, we are all searching for a path towards a relationship with God, whatever we call him.
I spent most of yesterday trying to watch a DVD that I needed to see for my new Block, only to discover that I'd inadvertantly wiped out a necessary file! Grrrr - but a good samaritan helped me, in the form of a lovely seller on eBay, who guided this techie-dunce through the convoluted process of replacing said file!
I watched the DVD - then treated myself with watching The Chronicles of Narnia - a real treat, and well worth the watching!