Friday, May 19, 2006

Half-way there, and getting into the swing!

Well, I've just completed TMA 05, and sent it off to be marked!
I am so glad to get that out of the way, as we were dealing with Rousseau once again - I have the feeling I'm gonna be haunted by that man! lol
On a brighter note, I've just started reading for my next TMA, with the subjects being Religion and History of Science - much more down my street!
I've been learning a little about various faiths, and it's amazed me just how similar in some respects that we all are in our beliefs - there are some very wide differences as well but, at the heart of it all, we are all searching for a path towards a relationship with God, whatever we call him.
I spent most of yesterday trying to watch a DVD that I needed to see for my new Block, only to discover that I'd inadvertantly wiped out a necessary file! Grrrr - but a good samaritan helped me, in the form of a lovely seller on eBay, who guided this techie-dunce through the convoluted process of replacing said file!
I watched the DVD - then treated myself with watching The Chronicles of Narnia - a real treat, and well worth the watching!

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