Friday, June 26, 2009

I heard from Iota . . .

but nothing earthshattering, I'm afraid. But they have accepted four of my poems for admittance to their poetry competition. I won't hear whether I've got anywhere until 2010, unfortunately, so I guess I'll have to learn a little patience :/

Still no word about my sci-fi story as yet, but I guess no news is good news - right?

I've been reading quite a few children's books recently. I know it's getting ahead of myself, but I'm planning on doing EA300: Children's Literature, in October, 2010, so I decided that, as I had some of the books already, I might as well gradually get the rest and read them ahead of time.
I received a lovely parcel from Amazon on monday, and it contained two of the books from the list:
Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry by M. Taylor - ISBN: 9780140366259
The Other Side of Truth by B. Naidoo - ISBN: 978014130476

With both books, I couldn't put them down from the first sentence to the last, and they both left me wanting more, so I shall be looking out for further books by two very talented writers!

With all the books, I plan on giving them a good read through, and then I'll read them again, marking out passages that I find significant, or moving etc., using post-its, as I'm anally retentive where writing in books is concerned - unless the book is created to be written in, of course! Lol
That way, I'm hoping that they will be reminers for me when I get to do all that studying for real next year and, with my memory nowadays, I'll need it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Proofreading . . .

I got the proofs of my poem the other day and, after checking them and correcting some, rather glaring, mistakes, I have sent it back to the publishers.
So now I wait, with baited breath, for my copies of the poetry anthology to be delivered to me, which should be relatively shortly, according to the news on the website.

The anthology is called 'Poetry By Moonlight', and I'm looking forward to reading all the other poems that will be sharing the anthology with me.
My poem is a villanelle, which is quite difficult to write correctly, so I'm pleased as punch that it not only got me good marks for my TMA, but also was accepted for publishing.

I still haven't heard anything about the sci-fi story I wrote for a magazine, but I guess it's early days yet - I really hate waiting, but I guess it's something I'll have to be resigned to, if I want to keep on with the writing . . .

Hey, Ho, and on we go . . .

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Keeping Busy

I've been keeping myself busy this week, and I've sent off some poems to a couple of poetry competitions. It's the only thing I can think of, to encourage myself to keep writing as much as possible while I wait for the next course to start.
I am so sad! A215 isn't even officially over as such, and I'm already missing it, and looking forwards to the start of A363!

At least my letter of confirmation has arrived, so I know my place on the course is guaranteed - well, as much as anything can be nowadays!

It's been a strange week. I've not got out of my study habits as yet, but I also haven't worked out a new timetable for myself either, so I seem to be dragging my heels to do anything much, except when inspiration strikes, of course. :)

I wrote the following poem a few days ago, although I haven't submitted it to anything, so I thought I'd put it on here, to see if anyone has any comments on it:

I Am Born

With a squalling wail,
I came into this world -
a scrap of nothing -
and I lay there,
child of innocence,
in a world of happiness.
But I never saw the look
upon my dying mother’s face.

While all those round me sped
with haste, I had no intimation
that something tragic came
of bringing me to my first breath.
Then quiet filled the room
as I did what came so naturally,
and smiled at her who gave me life,
oblivious to distress.