Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Further Ferret Furores!

Would you believe it - Holly and Bramble are back in season!
We were kind-of expecting it, but not quite this soon! lol
I read somewhere that if you put females together for any space of time, then their estrous cycles synchronize and, apparently, this happens whatever type of mammal it is (coming from a household of five sisters and a mum - I can believe this!).
So, it'll be back to the vasectomised Hob again - my girls are going on holiday (they've already started packing their bikinis!) lol
I've just finished the first draft of my TMA 06 - and thoroughly enjoyed doing it - although I don't think I'll get as good marks this time, as we had to choose a subject to put against Ninian Smart's seven-dimensional model for Religion - and I've chosen something that's a bit tongue-in-cheek to assess against the model.
I won't say what it is yet - but I'll let you know after my results come back for it!

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