Sunday, January 04, 2009

TMA 02 is off!

Well, I finished editing my tutor-marked assignment, and sent it off yesterday, before I ended up editing it beyond existence! Lol

I'm fairly pleased with my story, and just hope it appeals to my tutor - and that I haven't overlooked anything too glaring.

It's such a personal thing, this writing. You spend so much time wrestling with it, trying to get it to go in the direction you want, and investing almost every hope and dream into it - and then you send it out into the world for others to read, and pull apart, and comment on . . . and a small part of you is wishing that you could keep it safe with you, where nobody can hurt it - this child of the imagination!

We started the next block this weekend - poetry this time.
I'm enjoying what I've read so far, and the first couple of activities have given me some ideas for poems, although they are very much still in the hesitant note stage still!
I've been looking forward very much to this section, as I've always written poetry - so I'll have to see how I get on with being so structured for a change. :~/

I've been writing a daily Haiku since the course started - well, to be strictly accurate, it's been more a weekly one, but it's something I've enjoyed doing, as it keeps the creative processes going. Here's today's one:

Sun glints on water.
A corruscoping pattern
blends eternally.

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