Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still waiting . . .

I've had a lot of health problems this last few weeks, especially since I sent off my ECA, and it put out of my mind the anxiety of waiting for the results. But the time is getting closer now, and it'll only be 9 days now before the results are published - and I'm getting ever more nervous to see whether or not that I've passed.
I guess, to be strictly honest, I don't think that I have failed the course - but I do worry what sort of mark I will get for my very first Level 3 course, especially as I don't feel I did my story the justice it deserved. But I guess I'll have to be patient, and face the day when it comes :)

On a brighter side, I've another course to look forward to, and I'm very much looking forward to starting EA300 - Children's Literature - in October! 
I'm thoroughly enjoying reading all the books for it, with some of them  totally new for me - books that I wouldn't have thought to pick up to read - and I've been pleasantly surprised at the power of them, so am really looking forward to getting more insights into their creation :)

Another great piece of news for me - my husband has enrolled in a starter course, to see how he gets on :) 
He's 'going over to the dark side', as we Arts and Humanities students call it {grin}, and he has enrolled in the November start of Y157 - Understanding Society and, if he enjoys it, and can get into study mode, he's planning on doing Y163 - Starting with psychology.
I'm not sure how he'll get on with studying, as he's always been a doer more than a reader, but he's an intelligent man, so I'm hoping that the learning bug hits him as hard as it did me {grin} He is very interested in sociology and psychology, so I'm hoping these starter courses will whet his appetite to learn more :) 

To be honest with you, on looking through the prospectus, I wouldn't mind doing a few of the courses myself, once I've got my degree (if I get my degree!) - it would certainly keep me in study mode, and stretch my horizons! Lol


hannelore_cossins said...

I did OU social science foundation course and a psychology course a few years ago and really enjoyed them. Haven't gone any further as I'm always get in trouble with deadlines in this crazy household,but maybe one day I'll be back.

Kat said...

That's good to know, Hannelore :)
Bob will probably be asking you more about it, before it starts in November {grin}
It'd be good if you got the time to continue with it, wouldn't it? :)