Thursday, December 09, 2010

And the results are in . . .

I had a phone call yesterday, from a fellow student in my tutorial group, and she told me the results are in for our latest TMA so, with great trepidation, I went online to have a look.

I expected to have a similar result to my first TMA but, to my  delighted amazement, I'd managed to score a massive 85%!

In all the years I've been studying, I've only once got higher than that - I'd managed 2 x 88% passes for my first Creative Writing module - and I'm totally gobsmacked that I have managed to get such a high mark again - we're talking about a Pass 1 mark here, for a girl who fights to keep up with Pass 2 results!

After receiving my lowest score for my first TMA, it's made me so happy to get such a good result with this one, especially as my health has been appalling while doing it! 

When I think about it, the last time I got such brilliant results, was when my health was really bad, and I was struggling to keep up with the course!

Go figure . . .

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