Sunday, April 07, 2013

Finding new patterns can be so exciting!

As I'm still feeling the after-effects of the virus, and don't have much stamina for large projects as yet, I decided to look through all my patterns for something quick & easy to do. As it happens, I came across a series of patterns that I'd forgotten I had, so I looked through them all, and came across some for pincushions :)

Now, a Craft friend of mine has just opened for business, sewing all sorts of gorgeous things - including some Owls that I would die for! So, as I thought of her, I decided to make up one of the pincushion patterns as a gift for her.

Although she loves owls, I couldn't find a really nice pattern to use, so I opted for my favourite of the saved patterns - a Turtle - that I thought would be idea to hold her pins.

So, here it is, in a view from above:

And here it is again, in a side view:

Here's a link to Milly's Facebook page, where she sells her beautifully crafted stuff:

As I've now used up all the remnants of my Red Heart yarn to complete this, I'm now waiting - rather impatiently - for another delivery from America :)

After I'd finished the Turtle pincushion, I thought it would be nice to make a pincushion for myself, and so I sorted out a few more remnants from my Yarn Stash, and made this cute little pattern of a cup of tea. It came out a little crooked, as I overstuffed it, but I'm very happy with it, as it does what it was made for :)

and here's a view from the top:

I've enjoyed doing these so much, I think I'll use up a bit more of my Yarn Stash remnants, and make a few more from the other patterns I've got :)

At least it'll keep me occupied and, along with some more baby blankets, and maybe a neck pillow or two, it will keep me happy until I can make a start on my Crochet Crowd Red Heart challenge :)

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