Friday, May 25, 2007

TMA Avoidance - again!

I know - I should be studying, not coming on here! lol
I'm having a real problem with my O.U. studying at the moment - my ill-health, and the medication I'm on are conspiring to leave me very little energy to concentrate on it all -when I can get my brain to concentrate!
Then, what little energy I have, I prefer to use for my bible study which, after all, is much more important to me!
I 'phoned my rheumatology consultant on tuesday, to find out what date has been booked for my Carpal Tunnel operation. He told me when I saw him a fortnight ago, that I was on the urgent list, and so I expected to be going in within a week or two - much to my surprise, and disgust, I've been informed that it will possibly be August, but probably September before it's done - and this with being on the 'urgent' list! Grrrrrrr
I have skim-read through the various chapters needed for this poetry block - and it has really disappointed me in the way it's been set out. I have always loved poetry, and have tended to use it in a cathartic way when under stress, or when feeling emotional, but I haven't been able to make much sense out of the writing on this one!
Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying the poetry (although I've discovered that Wordsworth is a bit of a windbag), but the actual coursework itself makes no sense to me at all. If it wasn't for the fact that so many on my course have the same complaint, I would have taken it as my own lack of understanding, but too many fellow students have made the same complaint for me to think it's just me!
I really hope the course will be re-organised for future students - at least it will bring a little more pleasure to their studies - something that's in short supply for me, I'm afraid!
But, whether I like the course-work or not, I have another TMA due on the 7th June, so I guess I'd better take a deep breath, and try to plunge myself into the morass that's in front of me - wish me well, won't you? lol

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