Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another one in the bag!

Well, that's another TMA out of the way - I'm at the half-way mark in the course already! lol
Considering the state of me when taking it, I'm fairly pleased with my 68% score - I know I could have done a lot better - if I didn't have this constant pain - but just getting through each TMA is becoming an achievement in itself!
I don't know whether I'm mad - or a glutton for punishment - but I've booked up next February's course now - U211: Exploring the English Language. I'm sort-of looking forward to it, and will probably greet its start with glee, as I've not booked a winter course this time - I'm determined to take some time out, and try to get a bit better health-wise!
Talking of which, I've just started taking a course of Emu Oil Capsules, which are supposed to be a miracle-cure for what ails me - now, me being a cynic, I don't quite believe the 'miracle' claims, but if it improves my health in any way, I'll be over the moon! lol
I'll let you know how I get on with them, once I've used them for a week or two. :~))

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