Monday, February 28, 2011

And the result is in . . .

As previously said, I've been going through a really bad patch, health-wise, and had to ask for an extension for my TMA 04, as I'd spent the previous few weeks to it so ill I couldn't study. 

Having been given that time, I made a really concerted effort to get my TMA done, and I managed it, finishing it just over 2 1/2 days past the due-by date.

I didn't hold out much hope of getting more than a pass, and would have been more than happy with that, to be honest but, much to my shock, I looked online a couple of days back, and saw that I'd passed, and with a brilliant (for me) pass mark!

To be honest, I had to keep checking that I hadn't managed to sign in on someone else's account by mistake but, sure enough, it was my own.

I believe the old-fashioned phrase for how I felt is, utterly flabbergasted! {grin}

I'm not quite sure how this is working, with me being out of my head with pain most of the time recently, but still getting great marks - unless it's that, with the forefront of my thinking processes being out of action, the instinctive part of the brain - that has all of the knowledge, but is distracted by the mundane things in life getting in the way - has made different connections, and now has a chance to shine for a change?

I really haven't a clue but, as long as this downer in my health is continuing, I just hope that, whatever it is, it keeps on working! Lol

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