Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting there, once again . . .

Well, I've managed to get back up to 2,717!

Not as far forward as I'd hoped, due to fighting the usual bad health :(  
But I'm really pleased with it, as I've also managed to tighten up my writing, to add even more details to the essay, so that's an improvement for me :)

I've now got until 26th April, 10 more days, to get it finished and posted off to be marked, but I'm really hoping to have it done before this week is out, as TMA06, and the EMA, are looming horribly on the horizon :(

As there's no substitution on 05, I really need to get as high a mark as is possible for me so that, if 06 is disrupted by my health problems, I can then have the substitution marking used for that one.

I just need to get the energy together and, really soon, I'll be free of the whole course!


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